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Make a planet or flatworld in Unreal Engine's
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Play to space exploration and survival game
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Rogue: Genesia
Rogue : Genesia is an action rogue-lite game

Qanga, our main project

QANGA is a science fiction game about space exploration and survival in a universe parallel to our reality. Synchronize your consciousness in a cyborg from ICLab's Industrie laboratories. Your adventure will begin in the last cradle of humanity, the ICLab's Industry complex. It consists of a wall 300m high and 8Km in radius, built in the middle of ocean. Inside it, a technological capital stands in its center. You will have to learn to survive, understand the abilities and possibilities of your cyborg, after that the universe will be at your disposal. Aboard your spacecraft, reach the ICLISpace station, the Moon, Mars, Venus, and other locations. But before that, you need explore the surface of Earth and find the answers to your questions.

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